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 Contemporary, the artist is an explorer, an archaeologist ... a gold digger .... In the Place of ART, in the 21st century we live nuggets …of gold....                                          



 My work and artistic concerns of 1970-2011




 I METISSE and  I enjoy and try to use

all form of my mental museum

 go beyond all possibles, an art of living

Classical Cubism, Impressionism, Dada, POP materials, colors, drawing, archaism, Conceptual, traditional, contemporary, ....hands in the dough,

my Body participates as much as the mind.

Since  the years 2000


My paintings are always pretexts to Installations”

The idea really took shape during my installations

The report they have them in my opinion more important than their aesthetic values and plastics specific to each of them.

and the meaning and significance are year by year more and more  present instead of sensitive

 and when I talk about my idea ESPACE is to say : a PLACE where something happens

The Technicality remains the foundation of my work as a contemporary search for a certain classicism and maybe a bit of Universality


In my shows, connect or confront the many facets of the past , with  the affirmations  and contemporary issues seems to me  a necessity 



Some  drawings


 Goat and man 1975 the daughters of Loth   la tendresse

     Drawings inspired of St John Perse



  Paintings -installations



Interpretation of the ... source Ingres Oil / canvas


Material (material, collages, objects) Amulets (gri-gri)



  Bottles Edena




                    MADA (Madagascar 1992)
tactile, not just visual ...... yet committed, dealing with our failures (Mada .. Arbeit, ... etc ....


Above the clouds

Then my exhibition: Above the clouds (one-trip Reunion- Paris) when is the sunrise comes through the window .... more serene painting .. (Paintings tactile, not just visual ....But also of  a research of Meanings  :Paintings...of  PEACE)

. (My exhibition at the gallery Entrée en Matières Avignon in 2000)



griffure, épures, zen de PAIX)

. Toiles griffées..                                  Barre bleue                                 trait rouge                

.(exhibition galerie Entrée en matières Avignon en 2000))



scratching, plans, zen .. Striped canvas. .)


Then my broken Paintings


September 11, 2001 ... the attack on the twin towers of New York .. (Twin Towers, World-Trade-Center) .A healthy reaction  :I needed to find a more meaningful art,  more accountable and consistent with our actual events and social life ...

. I decided to break my canvas with white cuts

I conceived the idea of the  PART-Over



paintings broken The white wall (empty, emptiness) penetrates the canvas fabric

     , September 11, 2001

genuine aggression, of our civilization  and traditions,

interior décor




My fight for a better recognition of the object paint and of the  painting medium as contemporary Art .

    paintings on toile2005 Velpeau band




My fight for a better recognition of the object paint painting medium .... I decided to heal the painting


INSTALLATION   Contemporary Figuration (Portugal)









 VOLCANO origin of matter, matter-anti-matter





Other installations




Installations Pierrefonds 2011


Jazzman (amateur) for many years

I Mixed

diversions, installations, under my brush; this   painting  is necessity for me, I reinvented, recover  some of my little  Musique ....

IT becomes then  pretext for  a reflection


My gaze  on the image and my mind goes beyond the feeling ... to a search of narrative or   story... as my development around the factory  Pierrefonds .I tell and  I remember about the past and I  point  the tribulations inevitable aging

  When I speak of SPACE( ESPACE in french) :this  is the definition of a place where something happens 


my story: 

Child, my mother, to calm me down (because I was turbulent) used to take me on his lap and she  sketches me what went through his head and I was immediately fan  I remember:


excited to see APPEAR on the white sheet of things that  ... did not exist before, and who lived under his fingers ....

especially any carnations she drew with great dexterity .....

As soon as I could hold a pencil...

I wanted to do the same thing and since this does not  left me anymore ...

The Drawing became my way of expressing myself and testify ...  It  is my way to Exist!



The painting become  then the next logical step.



Altérité ..... And Black and white


Voir 2014/2015