I open doors of the past, the present and the future ... respectful of the past, active in the present moment, looking to the future ..A future which already no longer belongs to me ...

I like to put myself in default, in abyss, on the adventure of the most unforeseen attempts, to wander in the evolution of the thought (of the creative thought) in the time and the space, an investigation in this disorder ( Entropy) of History and men for the light to emerge, a little spark that straight  handle up me on instantly in this fugitive feeling of revelation that seduces me, and interests us and gives us the feeling of really existing ... Here is my painting

That is my WAY

Far from all trend, from all modes and consensus, me ,creole coming from my  ancestors of adventurers who thrived to the conquest of the oceans to discover the islands and mingle with the miscegenation of the world... here is my way ...the journey of my genes and my DNA

I have not yet found my port, my home port, free like the trade wind that plays with our mountains and our coast ... Tomorrow will never be like yesterday ...

But my soul says me... the trace, the wake of my boat brings with it the krill of the deep seas



                outside   and Digital                                              


  outside painting                                                             

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   l’homme qui sourit…. oil on canvas