thumb Labor Robert   Abstract   AFTER--CUBISM               2005  thumb espace  and   thumb Triangle  2012   HIER..Yesterday      Musical (collage)1985 …                  ( Art-Chitectures)




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                                                       Series   80x60cm2014 /15                 10oc  09 octobre pr sitethumb  Thumb peinture griffures  thumb pere  cc1418                             


                                                  Gallery Less is More                                      Tomorrow                  25 decembre 2014                                    comparison 1980 et 2014 


                                                                                                                                               Met1   Met2   Met3 …( PRINTS on Aluminium)


    Artist   LABOR .R                                                                                   My  IDEAS of ART  :   A CONVERSATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

While this seems at first sight very far of the current contemporary expression I want to revisit the lane of the Cubism ,a current that has always attracted me by its joints, articulated forms, a kind of mathematics in the spirit  and in the space ...  My question? ;Does Somebody see that it can still bring in it thoughts , and feelings

 .In it  I know, I  can  dare my own chasm , and find :

                               Some….   Présentation       Exhibition                         (  some EDGES( Materials, )installations)